Daltro Garcia Pinatti

Daltro Garcia Pinatti

Honorary Professor

:email: pinatti@demar.eel.usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9910


  • Materials and Sustainable Energies Laboratory

Academic background

Bachelor in Civil Engineering at University of São Paulo – São Carlos (1964), master and doctor degree in Physics at Rice University, Houston, TX (1969). Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher at Physics Institute Gleb Wataghin – IFGW of State University of Campinas – UNICAMP (1970 – 1996), Campinas, SP and at Materials Engineering Department - DEMAR of former Lorena Chemical Engineering College – FAENQUIL, Lorena, SP (1978 – 2003). Advisor of 40 master disssertations and 16 doctor thesis; publication of 160 papers, 11 patents and establishment of 3 ‘strictu sensu’ graduate courses: IFGW-UNICAMP (Physics), DEMAR-FAENQUIL (Materials Engineering) and LAMAV-CCT-UENF, Campos dos Goytacazes – RJ (Materials Engineering). Industrial technology research and development with establishment of 5 industrial projects in the following areas: Cryogenics (UNICAMP/Cryometal Ltda.), Niobium (DEMAR/CBMM), Molybdenum (DEMAR/Eletrometal), Vacuum Metallurgy (DEMAR/Engemasa), and Biomass – Energy – Materials Program (DEMAR/ Grupo Peixoto de Castro). Extensive international cooperations with Max Planck Institut Stuttgart (Germany), Electrotechnical Laboratory (Japan), Tenessee Valley Authority (USA), and Tuebingen University (Germany). Experience in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Renewable Energies, acting on the following subjects: cellulignin, biomass, low temperature conversion, biomass refinery, supercritical water, silica from rice husk, high performance concrete and electron-beam melting of refractory metals (Nb, Ta, Mo, Ti).

Classes taught in the department


Research topics

  • preparation of high-performance concrete (HPC) prefabricated profiles for multiple applications to solve typical problems of tropical climate countries
  • preparation of HPC profiles with addition of non-recyclable plastics for non-structural applications
  • preparation of refractory concretes for insulation purposes in thermal devices of power generation cycles
  • development of thermoelectrical units for sustainable electric energy systems by integrating thermal solar energy, biomass energy and source selected organics
  • development of boiler made HPC refractory concrete and steel steam pipes burning supplementary biomass to superheat the hot water coming from thermal solar parabolic collectors
  • development of turbogenerator for micro- (75 kW) and mini- (5 MW) thermoelectric units
  • development of HPC anaerobic digester for young grass and source selected organics (SSO).