Clodoaldo Saron

Clodoaldo Saron

Associate Professor

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Academic background

Clodoaldo Saron is a Professor at the University of São Paulo, Lorena, SP, Brazil. He received his BS in Chemical from the Federal University of Viçosa, Viçosa, MG in 1998 and his MS and PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Campinas, Campinas, SP in 2001 and 2005. He received the Associate Professor title in Engineering School of Lorena, University of São Paulo in 2013. His research interests include recycling and materials processing.

Classes taught in the department


  • LOM3057: Introduction to Polymer Materials
  • LOM3059: Rheology and Polymer Processing
  • LOM3086: Materials Engineering Lab II
  • LOM3088: Materials Engineering Lab IV


  • PEM5141: Degrading, Stabilizing, Aging and Recycling of Polymers

Research topics

  • Recycling of Thermoplastics and Elastomers
  • Polymers Processing
  • Polymers Additivation
  • Degradation and Aging of Polymers