Katia Cristiane Gandolpho Candioto

Academic background

Professor at the Department of Materials Engineering at the School of Engineering of Lorena (EEL-USP) since December 2013. Graduated in Chemical Engineering (EEL-USP / 2000) with a technical course in mechanics (ETEP, São José dos Campos / SP ) and a PhD in Materials Engineering (EEL-USP / 2002 and 2009) and postdoctoral studies in Materials Sciences at the Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research (IPEN / 2013) in partnership with the Aeronautical Technological Institute (ITA). Experience research on the following topics: composite materials (abrasives and polymer), Ni-based superalloys, refractory metal alloys, intermetallics, phase diagram, amorphous materials, solidification process, arc melting, powder metallurgy, additive and subtractive manufacture, mechanical behavior tests and techniques of materials characterization such as: mechanical tests, optics, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, electron diffraction, X-ray diffraction, absorption spectroscopy, thermal and rheological analysis. Currently works with research in the area of ​​abrasive composites and manufacturing processes, being responsible for two laboratories in the department (Abrasives Laboratory and Manufacturing Processes). In addition to the research, works teaching at Materials and Physics Engineering graduation, in particular in the disciplines of Computer Aided Design as well as Manufacturing Processes. Performs collaboration activities such as Ad Hoc in INEP / MEC (2010) and ARCU-SUL (2018) as well as reviewer of articles in scientific journals.

Classes taught in the department


Research topics

  • Abrasive technology: development of abrasive composites based on phenolic resins bonds
  • Manufacturing technology: recycling and characterization of abrasive materials
  • Design and manufacture: 3D printing - small scale