Cristina Bormio Nunes

Cristina Bormio Nunes

Associate Professor

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  • Magnetostriction Lab

Academic background

Cristina Bormio Nunes is currently an Associated Professor at the School of Engineering of Lorena of the University of São Paulo (EEL–USP). She got her undergraduate studies on Physics at Universidade de Campinas - UNICAMP (State University of Campinas) (August / 1983), the Masters in Physics at UNICAMP (December / 1985) and the PhD in Physics also at UNICAMP (January 1993). She has Post-Doc or Senior Internships abroad in: Wisconsin - USA at the University of Wisconsin (1994-1996), Vienna at Technical University of Vienna (2003-2004) and Paris at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan (2014).Prof. Cristina has experience in the areas of Physics and Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, with emphasis on Superconductivity, Magnetism and Physical Metallurgy. In the area of superconductivity, the main topic of work is the production and characterization of Nb based superconducting wires, especially Nb-Ti. In the area of magnetism the main activities are on the production of Fe, Co and Ni alloys for magnetic properties studies, focused on the magnetostriction correlated to the microstructure of the material and its application. More recently (2018) she began studies on high-entropy magnetic alloys.

Classes taught in the department


  • LOM3223: Superconductor and Magnetic Materials and Devices
  • LOM3230: Experimental Methods of Physics III
  • LOM3096: Electrical, Magnetic, Thermal and Optical Properties
  • LOM3253: Mathematical Physics


  • PEM5137: Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Research topics

  • Magnetostriction of Fe-based alloys with addition of non-magnetic elements.
  • Magnetostriction in Co-based alloys.
  • Magnetic Properties of High Entropy Ferromagnetic Alloys.
  • Nb-based superconducting wires.