Research Labs

With an area of ​​approximately 8,000 m², DEMAR has a good laboratory infrastructure for the progress of the works related to the research lines and to meet the graduation demands. Since its inception, the laboratories have operated in the multiuser model: all DEMAR equipment is open to the use of teachers, postgraduate students and scientific initiation students linked to DEMAR and other departments of EEL-USP. The laboratories are also used by researchers from several institutions in Brazil.

Lab List:

3D Printing Lab

Abrasive Materials Lab

Ceramics Lab - LABCER

Ceramics Lab - wet methods

Chemistry Lab - Wet methods


Computational Thermodynamics Lab

Corrosion Lab

Critical Current Tests Lab

Dilatometry Lab

Electrodeposition Lab

Electron beam Melting Furnace

Electronic Microscopy Lab

Electronics Lab

Encapsulation station

Extractive Metallurgy Lab

Fabrication Processes Lab

Fast Solidification Lab

High Energy Milling Lab

Hydrogenation and Milling

LabRex - Phase Transformation and Solid State Reactions Lab

Laboratory of New Polymeric Materials

Laboratory of Polymer Processing and Recycling

Low Temperatures Lab

Magnetostriction Lab

Materialography Lab

Materials and Sustainable Energies Laboratory

Mechanical Forming Lab

Mechanical Tests Lab

Mechanical Workshop: Cutting, Machining, and Welding

Melting and Heat Treatment Lab

PPMS (Physical Properties Measurement System)

Spectrometer and implements

Thermal Analysis Lab

X-ray Fluorescence and Diffraction Lab