DEMAR’s faculty members work in the Postgraduate Courses in Materials Engineering (Doctorate and Academic Master’s) and in Educational Sciences Projects (Professional Master’s Degree).

Graduate Program in Materials Engineering

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The emphasis of the PPGEM is on the processing and characterization, by the most diverse techniques, of metallic, ceramic and polymer materials. Of particular note are research involving advanced metal materials (special steels, refractory metals, composites and superalloys), magnetic and superconducting materials, refractory ceramic materials for the metallurgical industry (ferrous and non-ferrous), solid waste recovery, synthesis of intelligent polymers and biomaterials. The professionals trained here are able to work in both the productive and academic sectors, as evidenced by the profile of the graduates of the Program. The PPG-EM contributes to the insertion of qualified professionals in the labor market and the scientific production of international level in these strategic areas of development. The interaction with the industry is permanent; the number of students from the industry increases with each selection process with projects directly linked to the areas of activity that are common to the PPG-EM research lines. The results of this interaction are positive, with a notable improvement in the qualification of skilled labor, with a recognized impact on productivity and the value added of products.

Graduate Program in Scientific Educational Projects

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The Professional Master’s Degree in Educational Science Projects has an innovative methodology in relation to postgraduate courses in academic science teaching, as it will provide differentiated interaction between the university and schools of basic education. The course creation project aims to improve socio-educational aspects in a sustainable and continuous way, aiming at the vocational training of students of basic education in different areas of knowledge related to the exact and biological sciences.