Department's values

DEMAR-USP, as a department of the University of São Paulo, has always been and will be guided by excellence in its activities, in the unending search for quality and integration of teaching, research and extension activities. These values ​​that accompany USP are, in this case, amalgamated with a solid tradition of research and innovation founded more than 40 years ago with the Niobium Project.


“Train professionals of excellence in the areas of Materials Engineering and Engineering Physics and carry out research and development of high quality, creating and making knowledge available to society”


“Through actions in Teaching, Research and Extension, to train professionals of recognized excellence capable of contributing to the sustainable evolution of society in its economic, social, ethical and environmental aspects”


Expresses the pursuit of the highest quality standards in the Department’s field of activity: training of human resources at undergraduate and graduate levels compatible with the best engineering schools in the country; rigorous and relevant scientific research, socialized in means recognized as first-line by International Science; high impact relationships in local and regional society, with actions within the expanded competencies of the department and that seek to bring maximum social and economic gains to the population.
“Responsibility (Security)”
Translated as adherence to the most modern precepts of safe and responsible daily practices, avoiding the exposure of students, staff and teachers to unnecessary risks in any areas of the department’s performance. Intangible risks should also be minimized;
The department understands that there is merit only if the results are constructed in an environment where ethical concepts are above any other value. Interpersonal relationships, even in the professional environment, should be based in the department by trust and deep human respect.
Understood by the department as an obligation to welcome all and everyone without considering or differentiating by gender, race, religion or atheism, political position, nationality, or any other characteristic. Within the department only scientific and professional merit is valued. Other differences will be welcomed and celebrated.
The department values ​​teamwork and intra and extra department collaborations, based on the principle of equality and autonomy, that result in net gains for the parties involved that would not be obtained individually. A culture of appreciation of the department as a whole that catalyzes collaboration in favor of the collective will always be stimulated.
“Sustainability” (environmental, social and financial)
Humanity has accumulated sufficient knowledge to understand the harmful impacts of some of its actions on the planet. The department understands that there is no more space for activities that attack the environment or that lead to the destabilization of the social fabric and / or the waste of resources, so necessary in the most diverse areas. The consequences and collateral losses, whether social or economic, of each action should be considered during the planning and ongoing evaluation of any departmental action or project.