Alain Laurent Marie Robin
Assistant Professor

:email: alain@demar.eel.usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9915

Research topics: electrochemistry, electrometallurgy, refractory metals.

Ângelo Capri Neto
Assistant Professor

:email: capri@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9920

Research topics: Development of analytical methodology, Analytical Instrumentation, Chemistry teaching.

Antonio Fernando Sartori
Assistant Professor

:email: sartori@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9915

Research topics: Electrodeposition (Electroplating, Electrorefining, Electroforming, Electrowinning) of Niobium from molten salts, Electrodeposition of metals, alloys and composites.

Antonio Jefferson da Silva Machado
Assistant Professor

:email: ajefferson@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9911

Research topics: Superconducting Materials with topological effects, Superconducting Materials with multiband properties, Non-centrosymmetric superconducting Materials.

Carlos Angelo Nunes
Full Professor

:email: cnunes@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9912

Research topics: Phases diagram, Refractory Metals, Nickel-based Superalloys, Titanium and alloys, Niobium and alloys, Intermetallics, Magnesium and alloys.

Carlos Antonio Reis Pereira Baptista
Associate Professor

:email: carlos.baptista@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9914

Research topics: Mechanical behavior of materials, Metal fatigue.

Carlos Yujiro Shigue
Assistant Professor

:email: cyshigue@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9919

Research topics:

Cassius Olivio Figueiredo Terra Ruchert
Associate Professor

:email: cassiusterra@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9941

Research topics: Major Area - Physical Metallurgy: Mechanical Properties of Materials with emphasis on Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue of Materials.

Clodoaldo Saron
Associate Professor

:email: saron@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9920

Research topics: Recycling of Thermoplastics and Elastomers, Polymers Processing, Polymers Additivation, Degradation and Aging of Polymers.

Cristina Bormio Nunes
Associate Professor

:email: cristina.bormio@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9918

Research topics: Magnetostriction of Fe-based alloys with addition of non-magnetic elements., Magnetostriction in Co-based alloys., Magnetic Properties of High Entropy Ferromagnetic Alloys., Nb-based superconducting wires..

Daniela Camargo Vernilli
Assistant Professor

:email: daniela.cv@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9913

Research topics: Sintering of silicon carbide (SiC) by liquid phase, Materials with a gradient of composition (functionally graded materials), Cosmetics, Chemical analysis, Ceramic materials, Biomaterials, Corrosion.

Durval Rodrigues Junior
Full Professor (EEL's Vice-Director)

:email: durvalrj@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9926

Research topics: Microstructural characterization of materials, Development and characterization of superconducting materials, Superconducting Applications and Cryogenics, Flux pinning mechanisms in superconducting materials, Development of Biomaterials based on titanium and magnesium, Development of projects applied to the Fundamental and Middle Schools.

Emerson Gonçalves de Melo
Assistant Professor

:email: emerdemelo@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9917

Research topics: Photonics, Plasmonics, Nanotechnology.

Fernando Vernilli Junior
Associate Professor

:email: fernando.vernilli@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9913

Research topics: Development of techniques for treatment and disposal of waste and reuse of materials, Development and characterization of conventional and advanced ceramic materials;.

Fábio Herbst Florenzano
Associate Professor

:email: fhfloren@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9965

Research topics: Synthesis of New Polymeric Materials by RAFT, New Copolymers for Polymersomes, Functional Polymers for Water Decontamination, Metallic Surface Corrosion Protection and other Applications.

Gilberto Carvalho Coelho
Assistant Professor

:email: gilberto.coelho@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9912

Research topics: Experimental determination of phase diagrams, Thermodynamic modeling of phase diagrams (CALPHAD method).

Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim
Full Professor

:email: sandim@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: 55 12 3159 9916

Research topics: Physical Metallurgy, Plastic Deformation, Recrystallization, Grain Growth, EBSD, Crystallographic texture, Powder Metallurgy, Pyrometallurgy.

João Paulo Pascon
Assistant Professor

:email: jppascon@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9953

Research topics: Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Mechanical Behavior, Large Strains, Functionally Graded Materials.

Katia Cristiane Gandolpho Candioto
Assistant Professor

:email: kcandioto@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9943
:earth_americas: https://sites.usp.br/labeel/
:earth_americas: https://sites.usp.br/abrasivelab/

Research topics: Abrasive technology: development of abrasive composites based on phenolic resins bonds, Manufacturing technology: recycling and characterization of abrasive materials, Design and manufacture: 3D printing - small scale.

Luiz Tadeu Fernandes Eleno
Assistant Professor

:email: luizeleno@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9810
:earth_americas: https://sites.usp.br/computeel

Research topics: Ab initio electronic structure calculations, Computational Thermodynamics, Phase Diagram Calculations (CALPHAD), Computational Solid State Phyics.

Maria Ismenia Sodero Toledo Faria
Assistant Professor

:email: maria.ismenia@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9808

Research topics: Welding and Joining, Corrosion, Microstructural characterization, Phase Diagrams.

Maria José Ramos Sandim
Assistant Professor

:email: msandim@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9918

Research topics: Relationship between microstructure and magnetic properties of steels, Relationship between strain-induced martensite and magnetic properties of steels.

Miguel Justino Ribeiro Barboza
Associate Professor

:email: miguelbarbosa@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9914

Research topics: Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials, Physical Metallurgy, Thermal and thermochemical treatments, Modelling and Damage Mechanics, Failure Analysis.

Paulo Atsushi Suzuki
Assistant Professor

:email: psuzuki@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9916

Research topics: Research in crystal structures of intermetallic compounds of ternary systems, Research in methodologies of science teaching.

Priscila Alves da Silva
MSc. Professor

:email: priscila_silva@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: 55 12 3159 9958

Research topics: Elaboration of science practices aimed at students of basic education, Modeling of molecular systems applied to astrochemistry.

Rosa Ana Conte
Assistant Professor

:email: rosanaconte@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9924

Research topics: preparation of high-performance concrete (HPC) prefabricated profiles for multiple applications to solve typical problems of tropical climate countries, preparation of HPC profiles with addition of non-recycable plastics for non-structural applications, preparation of refractory concretes for insulation purposes in thermal devices of power generation cycles, development of thermoelectrical units for sustainable electric energy systems by integrating thermal solar energy, biomass energy and selected organic solids.

Sandra Giacomin Schneider
Assistant Professor

:email: sandra.eel@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9929

Research topics: Biomaterials and Biocompatible Materials, Conformation of titanium alloys, Surface modification, Biological evaluation of biomaterials.

Sebastião Ribeiro
Associate Professor

:email: sebastiao.ribeiro@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9803

Research topics: Processing and Characterization of traditional and advanced ceramics.

Sérgio Schneider
Assistant Professor

:email: sergio.eel@usp.br
:telephone_receiver: +55 12 3159 9929

Research topics: Mechanical properties of metals and alloys, Application of Shape-memory alloys, Mechanical Forming, Fracture Mechanics, Biomaterials.