Visiting professor at Demar

Posted in 09/16/2019

Prof. John Neumeier
Prof. John Neumeier

Demar to host Superconductivity Expert

by Simone Colombo - Press Officer

Starting today, Demar will host Prof. Dr. John Neumeier, from the Montana State University - USA for a period of 6 months. The purpose of his stay is to continue a collaboration that spans over a decade with researchers from the superconductivity group of the Department of Materials Engineering at EEL (DEMAR).

Dr. Neumeier’s fields of scientific interest involve Condensed Matter Physics, Thermodynamics, Low Temperature Physics, and Single Crystal Growth. Dr. Neumeier is one of the leading experts in very high resolution thermal expansion measurements using quartz capacitive cells [J. J. Neumeier et al., Rev. Scient. Instrum. 79, 033903 (2008)].

In Lorena, the researcher intends to implement the Thermal Expansion technique at DEMAR’s Low Temperature Laboratory. He will develop the project named “ Crystal Structure of Niobium and the Anisotropy of its Superconducting Properties” which will be funded by FAPESP (Proc. 2019 / 12798-3) under the responsibility of . In addition, during his stay at our department, the scientist will give some lectures about his recent research and will hold several meetings with researchers and Scientific Initiation and Graduate students from the superconductivity group.